At BFR solar we are passionate about solar. It is the best investment for the future, from a financial and an environmental point of view.

After years of installing solar systems, from domestic 6.6kW installations (18 panels) to larger commercial 100 kW installations (270 panels), we know what it is about. We only use quality material and components because we have seen what happens if installers don't! And then we won't even mention the 'Phoenix' companies. We take care of the whole process, from design to finish and Energex approval, we will look after you.

We always pop in for a site visit first. We need to see what your place and the setting look like. Are there any shade issues? What else could affect the production? Would you benefit from solar panels on a tilt? Or Tigo optimisers or Enphase to ensure optimal production? We live local and want to make sure you are happy with the system you get! No quick dump and runs for us. Because we have a flexible team, don't have a huge overhead so we can keep the costs affordable for you but still install larger jobs in a timely manner. When your install is done, we will supply you with a professional solar job package, so you have everything handy, from warranty to solar maintenance information.


Contact us for a chat any time. We are happy to pop over for a (free) site visit and give you an obligation free quote for your place.

Phone 04 9307 9992 (Office) or 04 1361 8063 (Ron).

Or contact us online and we'll get back to you asap.